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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Roofing Contractor in Raleigh, NC

Finding a roofing contractor to take on repairs, installation or replacement of a home’s roof can be an overwhelming, sometimes confusing task. There are five things to look at when choosing the best roofing contractor in Raleigh, NC to meet one’s specific needs. If any of these five points are not met, it is a warning sign, and it might be a better option to explore other roofing service companies. The roofing contractor should be insured, work locally, offer good value for money, communicate well and be willing to put their commitment on paper.

Check that they are fully insured

The roofing contractor that does work on a home must have liability insurance and worker’s compensation. This is a legal requirement in place to protect the homeowner and the roofing contractor. Here, it is important to take things a step further, once the certificates have been checked, phone their insurance company to confirm that the cover is valid.

As there are costs to being licensed and insured, it may mean that companies with lower bids on roofing repairs or replacements, may be cutting corners and not insuring correctly.

Work with a local contractor

This has several important benefits including local knowledge and, if they are good at what they do, a strong reputation in the community. Local knowledge means that they will offer a solution that will best withstand Raleigh-specific weather- from hot sun and rain in summer, to cold and wind in the winter.

Additionally, a business that has a strong reputation that has been in operation for a long time, gives peace of mind that the Raleigh roofing company’s work is reliable, trustworthy and is of a high standard. Choosing a company that is not locally based or is new, with no reviews, opens up the possibility that they may be a fly-by-night operation, that is not available for follow-ups within the standard five-year warranty period.

Choose a roofing contractor based on value for money, not price alone

It may be tempting to try to cut costs and go with a low-cost contractor. While it may seem cheaper up-front, it’s likely that there will be additional costs to fix problems that arise later. Reputable companies have fixed overheads and insurance costs that have to be covered. They also offer a workmanship guarantee that will cover any issues that come up if the roof does not perform as expected.

Good communication is a good sign

At the beginning of the process, contractors are likely to be very responsive to phone calls and emails as they are hoping to secure business. So, if there are any issues with communication before getting started, this should serve as a red flag. Think about whether calls were returned and documents sent through in a timely manner, if not, then consider a different local roofing contractor.

Get everything in writing

Ensure that the scope of the work, the timescale, and the costs are clearly detailed. It is important to know how long the job is going to take, what size crew they will have working on the roof, and the date that the roof will be completed by. Whether it is a roofing repair job or a complete roof replacement, it is important to stay in control. This is also a good time to negotiate the terms of the payment, as the funds should not be released until the job has been signed off.

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