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How to Find a Raleigh Roofing Contractor When Roofing Repair Need Be Done

Hiring a 5-star rated roofing contractor is important. The roof of your home is the key component to the integrity of your home’s interior. Making roof repairs is generally an immediate necessity due to the failure of roofing components, which either causes leaks or threaten the structure of the whole roof. The Raleigh, NC has above national average rainfall of 46 inches per year so residents should regularly take note of the condition of their roofs. Additionally, recent severe weather including hail and tornadoes may have caused hidden damage to roofs and underlying structures. 

3 Reasons Roof Repair Should Be Done 

Luna Restoration in Raleigh, NC has a staff of more than twenty years of experience in repairing, restoring and supplying all types of roofing and are skilled in assisting clients with the submission all valid claims to the relevant insurance companies. We asked them when and why a Raleigh area homeowner would need a roofing company. They suggest there are three different reasons to call in a professional roofing company. 

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Reason 1 | Roof Repair as Preventative Maintenance 

Like most parts of a building structure, roofs also need regular attention and preventative maintenance. Since roofs are the highest part of buildings, they are often neglected; out of sight, out of mind. If roofs are not inspected regularly for structural integrity, then leaks, rotting, rust, and other faults may accumulate till on a day, generally, during inclement weather, a roof or a part thereof fails. This exposes anything below roof level to the elements and results in significant unexpected financial losses to home and business owners.  

Building owners should pay attention to the clauses contained in the insurance contracts that place a responsibility on them to maintain their buildings regularly and to keep a record of this. A professional roofing contractor will generally conduct an annual roof inspection at either no cost or a low cost and supply the owner with a report and recommendations.   

Reason 2 | Roof Repair Due to Storm Damage 

Even the best roofs do sustain some damage during fierce or repeated storms. Climate change has resulted in stronger and more frequent storms than in the past. Older roof designs and structures may no longer be up to the task of protecting properties and owners for weather-related damage. Repeated exposure to storms may lead to weakened roofing structures that require professional and lasting repairs that do not compromise the structural integrity of the whole roof.     

Reason 3| Roof Repair for Restoration 

The restoration and repair of roofs on older buildings presents a particular challenge for roofing contractors. While contractors are obliged to stay within the building codes, they must also comply with other stringent requirements if the building is listed as a historical one. The difficulty lies in marrying new roofing concepts and designs to an old building without changing the external appearance of the building. This necessitates the services of professional roofing contractors as restoration of a building can be a costly affair and should be project managed to ensure timely completion within budget. 

Be sure you know how to properly choose siding replacement and repair as well.

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Choosing the Best Roofing Contractor for Roofing Repairs  

Choosing the best roofing contractor can be a tall task, but the assurance that a professional roofing company can bring is worth the effort. Property owners should look for roofing services that meet these qualifications. 

Excellent Training and Timeliness 

  • The roofing contractor should be certified by GAF, a major producer of roofing materials in the US, for residential and commercial applications. Their staff should also be trained by GAF. 
  • The reaction time of the roofing contractor to an emergency call-out will, in many cases, mitigate the extent of the weather damage to the contents of the affected building. Find a competent contractor in the neighborhood who can respond at short notice, 24/7. 

Adequate Insurance Coverage 

  • Roofing contractors should be adequately insured, particularly for liability cover, in the event of a roofing failure after repairs. They should have extensive experience in assisting clients with roofing insurance claims and the associated deductibles. 
  • A roofing contractor should also be skilled in assisting clients with the submission of all valid claims to the relevant insurance companies. 

Proper Contract and Warranty 

  • Make sure that a proper contract with the roofing contractor is entered, that covers the full scope of the work to be done and exact timelines for the process. 
  • Check that the roofing contractor can provide an extended warranty that covers not only the products used but also the workmanship. 

Great Reputation 

  • Get referrals from prospective contractor’s clients and view their work. 
  • Check reviewss and references for the roofing contractor on the internet. 

The best roofing service contractor in Raleigh, NC, Luna Restoration LLC, is GAF certified and trained, and they are highly competent and well-respected by their customers. They are now offering free roofing, painting, & gutter estimates in the Greater Raleigh/Triangle Area.