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Top 4 Reasons for Hiring Professional Painters

There are many reasons for hiring a professional painting company in Raleigh, NC to paint or repaint a residential or commercial property, including improved ambiance for interiors, weather protection, waterproofing, and curb appeal for exteriors. Depending on the size of the building, painting and repainting can be a costly exercise both from a material and labor perspective. While hiring a professional painting company and using good quality material could be more expensive in the short term, it will ensure longer lasting appeal and protection.  

Companies supplying professional painting services will focus on their customer’s requirements and offer services in line with customer budgets and specifications. Luna Restoration LLC in Raleigh, NC has over twenty years of experience providing quality painting services at competitive prices for these types of projects.     

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1) Professional Painting of Interior Walls  

Interior wall painting offers property owners the opportunity to create a new feel or ambiance to a single room or a whole house by using the right paint type and colors in conjunction with a sound interior lighting system. Interior wall surfaces require specific interior paint products that are best prescribed by professional painting service providers.  

Modern digital techniques will allow property owners to test paint colors and hues in virtual reality before committing to a final specification. Painting companies also make use of various techniques to highlight specific features and cover up less appealing ones. 

The basis for an excellent interior paint job lies in the preparation of the wall surfaces that will result in a durable, smooth, and blemish-free finish. This preparation is best handled by a professional painting contractor.    

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2) Professional Painting of Exterior Walls 

Preparation for exterior wall painting will be more intensive than for interior walls. Professional painters will ensure that all exterior paintwork is flattened down correctly, all wall cracks are filled and that surfaces are suitably primed. This ensures a proper base for the application of the final coats of paint to stick to while providing a smooth and waterproof finish.    

The quality of paint and the surface preparation of the walls can mean the difference between having to repaint the exterior of the property every five years or every ten years. Virtual reality techniques can be a guide to choosing the right color or hue that best suits the property. Companies offering professional painting service can advise property owners on the best grade and quality of paint to suit their client’s requirements. 

3) Professional Painting of a Residential Building  

A professional painting service will provide a homeowner with a schedule of times that it will take to complete the required tasks in each room of a house. This will allow the homeowner to prepare the room in advance by removing as much of the furniture and valuable items as possible ahead of the painting contractors, who will generally provide covers for remaining furniture and fixtures. If ceilings are to be painted, all carpets and floors should be protected. Wall plugs and light switches should be either covered or removed before wall painting.   

4) Professional Painting of a Commercial Building 

Painting or repainting a commercial building or office can be very disruptive to a business or in an office environment. Not only does painting or repainting of the interior of a business restrict the floor space available, but the odors that paint gives off can be harmful to people

Professional painting service providers will provide a project plan before their start date that will allow businesses to plan for the relocation of parts of the company or staff to safer areas while painting is in progress. They should also be able to supply screening materials that limit the out-of-service floor space and the dispersal of odors. The plans could also include painting services provided outside of regular working hours, thereby minimizing disruptions. 

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Just like finding a roofing contractor, the importance of finding quality painting contractors should not be underestimated. For residents looking for a professional painting company in the greater Raleigh Area, Luna Restoration LLC is a licensed and insured professional painting company that uses only premium materials. They are committed to a full clean up afterward and will ensure that the premises are left neat and tidy. Call today for a free consultation and estimate for both residential and commercial painting projects.